A fair bit of forewarning

There is no one thing I’m aiming to write about here. I’m simply writing about things that I experience, think about or just need to vent. One day, I might write about something I saw that reminded me of an experience I had. Another time I might write about something difficult going on in my life.

What’s the point of this? Simply put, I’m just writing. It’s meant to be funny sometimes, but if it’s insightful, that’s great, too.

I might rant about my friends. Or maybe a specific friend. Why? The point isn’t to make anyone hate her. You guys will probably never meet her. It’s just for me to get my rant on.


If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But if you do, then I hope you can gain a better sense of what goes on in my head.


One thought on “A fair bit of forewarning

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