My name is Pandemonium, and I cause… a lot of pandemonium.  

I’m not really a writer, but I’m an everyday person who suffers from a severe form of Major Depressive Disorder, perhaps not quite like you’ve seen on TV or heard about. Since one of my major issues with MDD is that I tend to bottle things up, I thought, “Why not start an anonymous blog to chronicle my every day life with MDD? And maybe bring some awareness to what it means to suffer from a fairly wide-spread but relatively unknown mental disease?”

Sure, it’s dark and depressing. Even the name of this blog is depressing. But hey, with all the feel-good blogs out there, why can’t we have an “in-your-face” kind of blog about doom and gloom?

I’m not here to make you feel pity for me. I’m not here to garner sympathy. I’m not trying to impose or make you feel sorry for us. Hell, we don’t even care if you read this or not. All I want is to give a tiny glimpse into my life, to the inner workings and convoluted mentality of someone who has a common mental disorder, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, give you a better understanding of how to approach people like me.

Some days are just thought vomits. Some days are tough to read. Some days are things I’ve thought about, brainstormed, and rewritten a hundred times. Some never get published.

But who cares? I’m not doing this for likes or a following. I’m just doing it to spread some knowledge. And so that maybe, when someone you love suffers from MDD or anxiety, you can approach them in a more informed manner.



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